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Introsys is a Portuguese SME leader in industrial automation and with considerable experience in the development of service robots.

Founded in 2002 with the aim of creating a line of accessible land robots, Introsys devoted itself exclusively to R&D activities to develop a humanitarian-demining robot

In 2004, INTROSYS bet on the control systems market for manufacturing, with the development of a team dedicated to implementing advanced control solutions for the automotive industry.

From 2004 until now, Introsys has participated in the main launching programs of 16 vehicles, with the development of control system of around 1,000 robots. It also participated in the construction of the welding infrastructure of the car of the year 2005: Ford S-Max.

It was considered a SME Leader in 2009 and 2011, and SME Excellence in 2010. In 2010 it also obtained the certification for its Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008. In 2011, it began the process of implementation of the IDI Management System (NP 4457:2007).

Introsys is regarded by the leading European manufacturers of robotic welding machinery as a company of European level reference and develops projects for the VW Group, Ford and BMW.


Organisational chart of the company